In some ways, Colorado has its act together: The State is making progress in the battle for same-sex unions, it has embraced that good ol’ swing-state status, and then there's all the recent weed stuff. But in matters concerning gender expression and healthy sexuality, they seem to have things ass-backwards. Now don’t misunderstand, dear reader, I was born and raised in that great square state. I loved growing up in such a beautiful place, but the skies were as open as (some) people’s minds were closed.


6 year-old Coy Mathis (seen above and with a rocking new dye job, below) is a smiley little girl who loves tutus, princesses, and all things pink. Coy transitioned in kindergarten and experienced little negativity or judgment from her fellow classmates. Her parents embraced their daughter, saying they “Let her live as she was.”


Unfortunately, her elementary school didn't see the issue similarly, and the Fountain-Fort Carson School District ruled that Coy would have to use the boy’s room or the teacher’s facilities at Eagleside Elementary. Her parents were having none of it, and contacted the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. According to Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, trans-identified people may use the restroom matching their gender identity.

Since the school's action, Coy has been home-schooled, as her parents refuse to back down and obey the school’s orders. The family has partnered with on a petition to stop the discrimination, which you can sign here.

Images via: NBC News, Salon, Denver Post

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