A joke news website published an article today claiming that legendary filmmaker John Waters had passed away at the age of 67. The Internet was all atwitter for a hot second, but a quick Google search would show that the report was fake. The headline reads, “Acclaimed Cult Filmmaker, John Waters...Drops Dead at 67!” The author of the post, Nigel Covington, replied to furious and amused commenters alike, claiming that the title itself should have given away that it was not real. Insider contacted Waters today to confirm his non-death. He revealed that he was currently in New York, on his way to Brussels Friday to perform “This Filthy World,” his spoken word show.

Someone might also want to point out to Nigel that Waters isn’t even 67 yet. Rude! All we can say is that we agree with “Pavel,” who replied to the article, “Hey, it doesn’t even make any sense – John Waters will live forever!!!” Live in peace, J-Dubs. 


Source: Baltimore Sun

Photo via Washington City Paper