Are you frustrated because, nothing is going as planned? Do you feel like this month has been blanketed as a haze of confusion? Do you find yourself lost and taking the wrong path, when you know the way? Well, prepare for more mayhem because Mercury is in Retrograde. This means that the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards in its orbit from our point of view on Earth. While it isn’t actually going backwards, it looks appears this way for about three weeks. It happens four times a year. We are currently in one of these movements, as Mercury started going retrograde November 6th and won’t go direct (forward), until November 26, 2012.


Astrologers believe this is a tricky time, full of mishaps, miscommunications, technological breakdowns, confusion, and complications. My computer charger just stopped working, just to give you a typical example.


The planet Mercury is named after the god of communication, called Mercury to the Romans, and called Hermes by the ancient Greeks. So, Mercury astrologically represents the same things that the mythological god does. This planet rules anything to do with communications such as writing, editing, publications, sales, and advertising, as well as transportation.

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This isn’t an ideal time to start any new projects, relationships, or new jobs. What you should be doing now is reviewing, reflecting, and finishing up lingering project that have been hanging in there, waiting to be completed. By using the knowledge that Mercury is
retrograde you can prepare and expect any inconveniences and mishaps the Universe throws at you. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind when Mercury is in Retrograde.


  • Try not to take things personally. This is a time when communication is delayed or misunderstood. Everyone is confused.
  • Finish up projects. Mercury Retrograde is considered a bad time to start new projects, but the perfect time to focus on completing unfinished work.
  • Create backups for your files. It is common for technology to break down, so be prepared*. Organize your things and clean up your space. This can help you stay on track.
  • There will be travel complications, so expect flights or trains to get delayed or detoured.
  • It is not the best time to sign contracts or make commitments. Big decisions are not advised at this time.
  • It is a great time to reflect on the past. Spend time with old friends and evaluate your previous projects.


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