Twitter brings celebrities closer, removing the filter of publicists and managers with sometimes disastrous results…and sometimes amazing ones. Yesterday, celebrities Tweeted and Instagrammed their Halloween costumes like the rest of us, sharing some adorable, hilarious, and frightening pics with the rest of the world.

The best of the bunch has to be Neil Patrick Harris’s and David Burtka’s family’s adorable Wizard of Oz costumes (above), but there are plenty of other amazing celeb costumes. Check out the best of the celebrity-tweeted Halloween costumes below:



Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward dressed up as Jane Lane and Daria Morgendorffer.



Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as Sofia Vergara on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – can you even tell who is who?



Also on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jane Lynch dressed as Sgt. Calhoun, the character she voices in Wreck-It Ralph.



Mia Farrow tweeted a scary face drawn on her finger, captioned, "Happy Halloween. This is the best I could manage this year #sandy."





Brit rocker Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and his girlfriend, model/actress Arielle Vandenberg, dressed as Florence and the Machine – Alex was the Machine.



Alison Brie was a sexy ostrich.



Zooey Deschanel tweeted a picture from New Girl– she’s dressed up as a “zombie Woody Allen.”




Miley Cyrus dressed up as Nicki Minaj.




Glee’s Chris Colfer was Marie Antoinette’s guillotine. Spooky!


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