If you haven’t already heard, Bic now has a line of pens “For Her,” and the only thing that sets them apart from all their other pens is that they are pink and purple.  Yet, they are twice the price of normal pens.



I know.


Even better though, Bic actually had the gall to ask awesome feminist Ellen DeGeneres to be their spokesperson for these lady pens, and asked her to be in a commercial, which Ellen said on her show “outraged” her, then went on to satirized the product and the company’s decision to make them.


“I was reading the back of the pack – well, I had a man read the back of the package to me, and it said it’s ‘designed to fit a woman’s hand,’” she said. “What does that mean?  So when we’re taking down dictation from our bosses, we’ll feel comfortable and forget we’re not getting paid as much?”



Instead, DeGeneres made a spoof commercial in which she acted as a mother (dressed in a way reminiscent of my own in the nineties) giving her daughter the “pen talk.”


“They’re built strong enough for a man, but simple enough that even a woman can understand how to use them!” she tells the girl. “And! It’s indestructible, so it can stand up to all your wild mood swings!”

Check out Ellen’s hilarious sarcastic comments about the product and her spoof commercial below.



Photo via Amazon.

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