Happy Halloween, y'all! In the spirit of this spooky day, check out this collection of BUST staffers in childhood costumes. They're guaranteed to make you "boo" and "aww."




Creative Director Laurie Henzel

"This is not Instagram'd!"



Senior Editor Molly Simms

"Me as a vampire, age 8. I was so afraid of my own face makeup that I avoided looking at myself in any mirrors that night."




Event and Promotions Coordinator Bridgette Miller

"My family used to do big themed group costumes. Here we are doing Alice in Wonderland. I am the distraught-looking toddler in the blonde wig."

Contributor Kristina Uriegas-Reyes

On-trend in glitter and opaque tights.



Intern Brittany Houlihan 

More fairy princess realness!




Intern Kaitlin Cole

Another glittery fairy princess!



Intern Maggie Carr

"I went as Shel Silverstein's Falling Up. My head was the bookmark. My neighbor thought I was a carton of cigarettes."


Intern Amy Bucknam

"My mom sent me this (most likely politically incorrect) picture of me as Pocahontas. Loved that chick."


Intern Erika Smith

"Here's 2-year-old me in a rabbit costume, complete with a carrot!"



Intern Genevieve Bleidner

"Me as a 9-month-old jester/joker thing."


Maggie Carr has written about TV, feminism, fashion, and other kinds of lady business for BUST and Thought Catalog, among others. She's never not tweeting about Kanye West at @racecarr.