We recently reported that Amy Heckerling’s brand new film, Vamps, will hit theaters on November 2, which means that Clueless—the film that made her a star— has been pushed back into the spotlight. (AS IF we needed a reason to celebrate the 1995 smash hit.) In fact, last week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly brings the cast together to answer some of our most burning questions about what it was like be a part of the movie. 




The stars talk about their favorite moments, what the movie means to them, and what they’re up to now. Plus there are loads of photos to oooh and ahh over. (Even of Cher’s pretty-boy, Christian, and the lovely Ms. Geist!) My favorite quote was from Breckin Meyer (the skater with shaggy hair). When asked about run-ins with fans, he said, “Someone came up to me once and—very serious and teary-eyed— said, ‘I just want you to know that when I saw Clueless and I saw Travis decide to go into a 12-step program, that’s when I decided to get sober.’” 




And to top it all off, Paul Rudd made a very a sweet comment about his co-star, saying, “It’s really all Alicia. You look at her and you think, ‘that’s a star.’ You can see why little girls would want to be her and why guys had crushes on her.” Oh Paul, your honesty makes me want to watch the two of you fight over the remote control all over again.  Hey, maybe there will be a 3D version out in theaters soon because of all this media attention. Sigh, one can only hope.

Images via Entertainment Weekly and fanpop.com



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