Watching the debate last night, we couldn't help but notice a lot of similarities between the Presidential/Vice-Presidential debates and the always-entertaining Real Housewives of New Jersey reunions. 

1. They get in each other's faces. Who would even want to watch a Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion in which they don't get in each other's faces?!



2. They call each other liars. Even Candy Crowley backed Obama up when Romney was spewing inaccuracies.


3. They ignore the moderator (whether it be Candy Crowley or Andy Cohen, they will not be silenced).


4. They point a lot. (They use a lot of hand/arm movements in general, but pointing is their favorite because it's the most aggressive.)


5. They smile when they're angry. Joe Biden pretty much LOL'd his way through the debate with Paul Ryan (with good reason).




6. They can't manage to stay seated.  At one point during the Presidential debate, Crowley had to tell Romney to sit down. I don't know if Andy Cohen has enough guts to tell Teresa Giudice to sit down.


7. Just when you think they're about to come to blows, they back off (possible exception: if your opponent has previously flipped a table in anger, they may not back off as easily.)


8. Despite arguing and yelling, they claim that they think their opponent is a good person (Joe Biden referred to Paul Ryan as 'my friend' 14 times during their debate). 


9. They're constantly criticizing the other person for interrupting (please don't interrupt me while I'm interrupting you!).


10. Of course, everyone thinks they won.


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