When I read that a cafe in Tokyo is providing customers the offer to sleep with a girl for about $80, I was like, hold the phone.  It’s not what you’re probably thinking, though--it’s quite literally just sleeping.


If you feel like splurging, you can pay an additional 1000 yen (roughly $13) for your female snuggler to pat you on your head while you sleep, or you can stare at each other for one minute (staring contest, go!).  The cafe’s name, Soineya, literally means ‘sleep together shop’, and says it provides ‘the simple and ultimate comfort of sleeping together with someone.’

The prices vary by time: 20 minutes is only $40, but if you’re in need of an extended cuddle, 10 hours will run you about $645.  If the customer wants to massage the girl’s feet, that costs $26.  Basically, the ‘menu’ seems to have all of the stuff a john might want but without anything that's overtly sexual.


Worth it.


New Fall Issue d217c

Other weird Japanese cafe services include cat cafes (where you pay to play with cats), maid cafes (where female employees wear frilly maid outfits and do a variety of nonsexual things like teasing or playing board games with customers), and, for the guy on the go, used panties vending machines that contain underwear supposedly worn by school girls.



Really really.

With the variety of bizarro theme cafes already thriving in Japan, it seems like one that makes it possible for guys to pay to cuddle with a stranger could be successful.


Images via lostateminor.com, vice.com, and kazak.com

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