Ladies (and gents, too): it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and people everywhere are displaying that little pink ribbon of support for loved ones who have been affected by the disease. But now you can go a step further in supporting the cause – by donating a mammogram to minority women and men through the Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation

The foundation, which aims to help inform and equip minority men and women with the tools and education to make proactive decisions on their breast health, is asking for $65 donations on their site through PayPal. Each donation helps to provide a woman or man with the gift of early detection, often crucial to a positive outcome and survival for many with breast cancer.


So in the spirit of October and for all those who fight to eradicate this disease, why not give someone a chance at early detection and prevention? As the foundation’s website states, “breast cancer has no respect for age, ethnicity, or gender.” Every boob deserves a little attention!


Photo cred. The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation