A new study from Japanese researchers at Hiroshima University has found that looking at photos of baby animals may actually help improve your productivity.


The researchers tested out their theory by having small groups of participants play the game Operation.  They then had one group look at puppies and kittens while the other group looked at adult cats and dogs (yawn, right?).  They played Operation again, and the group that had looked at the baby animals had a higher performance score than the group that had looked at grown animals.

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The researchers think looking at pictures of baby animals triggered a positive emotion as well as more careful behavior and focused concentration in the viewers (are the pictures in this blog post making you feel happy and attentive?).

So, go ahead and peruse endless pics of adorable kittens - it’s pretty much vital to a productive work day! 


Images via thedesigninspiration.com and puppytoob.com

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