Nerd ladies all over the globe already love YouTube superhero Andre Meadows, writer and star of Black Nerd Rants. And what’s not to love? He’s funny, he’s smart, and he’s geeky as ever-loving fuck. (For those not familiar with Meadows’ YouTube channel, Black Nerd Comedy, he chronicles nerdy news in hilarious short web videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)


But last Wednesday’s video, "Con Creepers Take Pictures", is especially kickass. In the video, Meadows relays the story of a random sketchy dude who took a picture of Meadows’ female friend without her consent--simply because the creeper thought she was attractive. Disgusted by how often he sees this behavior at conventions, Meadows lays it on the line, telling creepy guys that it’s unacceptable to take pictures of women without their consent. If it’s illegal in every other public place, it’s illegal at conventions. And if you’re willing to do it anyway, as Meadows puts it so succinctly, "I hope you have bail money."

Though Meadows doesn’t really bring up anything women haven’t been aware of since, um, forever, it is still really nice to know that he’s got our backs. Check out the video below: