Model, actress, and photographer Velvet d’Amour is currently trying to raise funds for her awesome magazine, VOLUP2, via Kickstarter (a crowd funding website for creative endeavors) in order to expand the body positive, diverse, and edgy publication.  Donating through Kickstarter is super easy.  You can pick from a wide range of donation amounts and get cool stuff in return.


A greater diversity of women being represented in the media is definitely something that’s wanted and needed, and VOLUP2 does a great job of that. 


VOLUP2’s Kickstarter page states, “Celebrating the gorgeous reality that humanity has to offer by actively challenging accepted ideas of beauty as women have, and always will, come in many different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages and abilities.”  Now that's a message we can get behind!



Velvet is also known for walking the runways in Paris during the size 0 debate.  She felt inspired to create the magazine after so many women who also didn’t have the typical ‘look’ of models on the runways reached out to her.  It’s a mag that can resonate with so many different women, since, ya know, we are all beautifully different.


VOLUP2 challenges the impossible beauty standards that so many media forms put forth by using the power of glamorous imagery.  The multilingual magazine is currently only available online, but as VOLUP2’s fan base continues to grow, they hope to be able to offer print issues of the mag, as well as get more photographers, artists, bloggers, and designers involved.  In order to do this, they need support from those who want to enjoy this inclusive and refreshing magazine, so definitely check out VOLUP2’s Kickstarter here

You can also check out the gorgeous previous issues here.

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