Everything's cooler when it's scaled down to a teeny tiny size. So it's only right and natural that someone decided to create adorable tiny foods for our viewing and playing pleasure.



These miniature meals are created by Re-Ment, a collection of artists in Japan that make teensy weensy models of food items and meals scaled down to 1/6 the normal size. They're now being sold online as Barbie Doll food, and called Puchi Petite. They also make little models of furniture for diorama displays, and other assorted tiny stuff. And people LOVE them: Re-Ment addicts are posting photos all over Pinterest and Flickr of these smaller-than-pocket-sized items. You’d probably lose these in your pocket, they’re that tiny.




But Re-Ment is not alone in the production of downsized gourmet items. Tel-Aviv based artist Shay Aaron also has an Etsy shop at which she sells her handmade, realistically detailed clay models of food scaled down even more than Re-Ment models, to 1/12 normal size! This is all good news if you ever want to throw a dinner party in the palm of your hand for Lego people.




You can even wear a falafel around your neck or hang a salami pizza from your earlobes if you want (and we know you want to).



And be sure to check out these videos featuring Re-Ment miniatures--they give you a pretty good idea of what it'd be like to prepare meals for a family of mice.





Photo credit: Toxel.com, Etsy, Pinterest