One of our favorite actresses and funny girls, (oh *and* upcoming BUST cover girls) Aubrey Plaza, appears in a short film entitled “It’s Getting Late,” from Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” series.  “Women’s Tales” is a series of four videos by female directors that premieres at the Venice Film Festival this week.  

The film, directed by Massy Tadjedin, also includes Patricia Clarkson, British actress Gemma Arterton, and Japanese actress Rinko Kinkuchi.  All of the ladies are dressed in Miu Miu’s ready-to-wear collection, which the trailer showcases nicely through an elegant montage of a jacket being slipped on, belts being buckled, and sunglasses being put on before stepping out.  The trailer depicts them getting ready to go to a Zola Jesus and Au Revoir Simone performance, and Zola’s dreamy-pretty song “Ixode” serves as the trailer’s soundtrack.  Check out the video below!



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