It is with sadness and disbelief that I write this blog to report the sudden death of our beloved and honorary office dog, Wally, who passed away of a heart attack earlier today. 


Wally was a three-legged foster dog that was adopted by our Sales Director, Emily last year. Within the past year he has spent many days in the BUST office hopping around after his mother, staring up with his big sad puppy dog eyes at anyone with food, in the hopes that he might get some scraps. And of course, there was the way he managed to get several of us here to offer up our laps as his bed. 


I’m sure I speak for the staff and interns who’ve had the pleasure of meeting Wally, that we will miss him here at the BUST office. He was our tri-pod and an all around chill dog. 

Wallaby you are loved and missed. 


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