Although our summer may be coming to an end, there are still some horses out there whose vacations are just about to start. Yes, even our equine friends need a vacation sometime! Especially the hard working horses at Wadworth Brewery in Wiltshire, Great Britain. 

The horses spend most of the year carrying around beer in Wiltshire, with the exception of two glorious horse-play filled weeks. Wadworth Brewery visitors are encouraged to come see the horses, “provided they are not on their annual August holiday.” How precious!


The best part of their vacation is that the Wadworth Brewery shire horses (or Max, Prince and Monty, to close friends) get to down a pint or two of Wadworth’s own before they start their vacation. How TGIF of them. Every year the horses make their way to the local Raven Inn and are followed by a beer festival. This time there will even be a '60s-'70s cover band. Unfortunately, the horses are too busy running free to notice.


Max, Prince and Monty started their vacation last Friday and will be unreachable until next week. Please leave a message.


Photos courtesy of The Daily Mail