Iggy Azalea may be the newest larger than life female on the rap scene, but her videos tend to favor the pint-sized. She went viral for her video for her song "PU$$Y," in which what loos like a six-year-old kid clings to her neck. If he hung around the set long enough, he could hear lines like "pussy illy, wetter than the Amazon, taste this kitty" or "taste the rainbow, here's my Skittles." Not exactly age appropriate, but more like a premature lesson in sex-ed. Her latest video has less pussy and way more pageantry. 

Iggy is back with her video for a song with a guest verse courtesy of her Grand Hustle mentor T.I., "Murda Bizness," which features a Toddlers & Tiaras theme. In the video, it seems that each rapper has a mini-me. Iggy, T.I., and their friend Peezy star as overbearing pageant parents. At least this time the presence of a child has an explanation: "murda bizness" is all about killin' 'em with style, Iggy has said in recent interviews. And the Toddlers & Tiaras business? The most cutthroat of all. Can't argue there.


Watch the fierceness below, and download Iggy's new mixtape "Glory" here