The next time you’re going on a leisurely hike… watch out for Goatman! He’s a lot like Batman or Spiderman, except he doesn’t fight crime, have any cool gadgets, or deal with super villains on a daily basis. Okay, I guess he’s really nothing like our summer blockbuster heroes. But, he does wear a goat costume. That should count for something.

Earlier this week, a man wearing a goat suit was seen wandering the northern Utah mountains. If that wasn’t weird enough, he also seemed to be living among the actual goats that populate the terrain.  Hunting season will be starting up in no time and everyone was pretty worried for the guy--who could blame them?


Authorities didn’t want to kick out the possible wildlife enthusiast, since he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Instead, Utah Wildlife just wanted to make sure Goatman knew the dangers of hunting season (i.e. guns) and living among wild animals (i.e. being mauled to death by a pack of goats). Luckily, everything was sorted out and nothing fishy (or is it goaty in this context?) was going on. Apparently, the mysterious Goatman is a very passionate and experienced hunter. After talking to the 57-year-old Southern Californian, authorities are A-OK with his previous sketchy behavior. According to this Seattle Times story, he was just “trying out his goat suit in preparation for a mountain goat hunt in Canada next year.” Oh! That seemed totally obvious, right? 

Image courtesy of US News