At 26 years-old, I’m not ashamed to say that teenager Tavi Gevinson might be my hero. She's been running her own blog, Style Rookie, since she was 11, and in September she started Rookie, an online magazine that tries to make up for the loss of Sassy oh so many years agoway back in 1996 to be exact, the same year Ms. Gevinson was born. She’s had her own New Yorker profile and probably has Miranda July on speed dial, so to hear that The Economist looked to Tavi for predictions on what the youngsters will be up to in 2012 wasn’t too surprising.


Not that Tavi was comfortable giving this speech since, as she says, she is the youth of 2012. But maybe being one makes it easier to predict? This isn’t the first time she’s schooled us in what her generation is up to, and I couldn't help but want to know her latest thoughts.

[video: 425x344]

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Tavi’s smart and well spoken, but I have to admit, it’s nice to see that her speech is peppered with “likes,” a helpful reminder that she is only a young'un. In the short video from The Economist site, she talks about kids being more into DIY originality, and wanting to go back to the times of mixtapes and ’zines. They’re shopping at thrift stores and writing pen-pal letters. Being a teen today doesn’t sound that much different than being a teen 10 years agomaybe these kids are alright after all.

Watch the video of the young Tavi giving her predictions here.

And check out her singing a pretty adorable cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” dedicated to recent BUST covergirl Mindy Kaling, below. Yep, this girl can do everything.

[video: 425x344]


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