Yesterday was my dads birthday and also my folks 20th anniversary.  I spent all weekend making this cake, and I think the results were smashing. Read more after the jump.

I really love to cook and I love to bake doubly so. My parents love to eat. So I figured I'd give them a wonderful meal at my exclusive restaurant , Chez Claire (aka my kitchen). 

Dinner was: A marinated shell steak, a garlic mashed potato, and fresh creamed spinach.  

The Cake: This was my first time making a fondant cake--actually it was my first time making a cake from scratch and it went really well! I used to be an out of the box person, but never again.  This cake was a two day affair, because I had to prepare the marshmallow fondant ahead of time and decorating is really time consuming. But I loved the whole process, so plan to see another one of these babies pretty soon. 


Also: it's a red velvet cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting.

 --Intern Claire

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