So since Jess posted her favorite 'avoid the heat at all costs' indoor activity, I figured I would post mine for even more things to do for hot (in all senses of the word) crafty girls. Lately ever since I found this website, stencilpunks, I have been addicted to making stencils. Nothing in my path has escaped my stenciling rampage, tee shirts, pants, jewelry boxes, everything. Even the cats gone into hiding. For the longest time, I wanted to get more in touch with my inner bike punk and start stenciling (has anybody else seen street artist Banksy's work? Are you inspired yet?) but I had no idea where to begin. This website is great because not only does it give you step by step instructions, it shows you pictures! So there’s no excuse to not get crafty especially since the best part is pretty much everyone can do it, even if you have no artistic ability what so ever as the site also gives you ready for printing stencils. This one is one of the first ones I used. Oh internet, is there anything you can’t do?



- Jen the intern 

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