So everyone knows that comic cons and such are sausage fests, right? I mean, what's a girl to do if she craves a little sequential art without being skeezed on or looked at like an alien life form?

Thankfully, events geared towards the indie comics crowd are much more woman-friendly, and the fundraiser this past weekend for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art was full of rad ladies doing their thing and hawking their wares.


Tara McPherson
, who Elle magazine called “the crown princess of poster art,” but I just call superstar, designed the poster for the event and was supposed to be around somewhere, but I didn't see her. Of course, I arrived just as the place was being evacuated and fire trucks were outside—not quite sure why, and no one I asked could tell me.


Crisis averted, the building reopened and I got to chat with the ever-fabulous Molly Crabapple, of the art above and Dr. Sketchy's, as well as many other projects. Ms. Crabapple illustrated a story of mine once, so I'd have to love her even if her art wasn't amazing, but it is.

Lynda Barry was also in the building, signing books and generally being amazing, as well as Jessica Abel, whose La Perdida was featured in BUST a little while back. And I met lots of new rising talent in the illustration and comics field—I only wish I'd had more money to buy things from cool ladies like Jennifer Babcock, Monica Gallagher, Kristin Hogan, Stef Lenk, and Erin Gallagher. Check out their links and buy their stuff. Now!

And I can't finish this off without giving a little bit of love to some awesome men, too: Brian Wood of DMZ, Local, Northlanders, and the upcoming Minx book The New York Four, Ivan Brandon and Andy Macdonald of NYC Mech and the Eisner-nominated 24Seven, and Cameron Stewart of The Other Side and the upcoming Apocalypstix all put out some great--and girl-friendly--stuff. But for me the best part of the event was all the kickass creative women there, proving that comics aren't just for boys.

*Sarah J

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