I moved to New York City about a year ago and before I left, I was given my fair share of NYC guides. To be honest, they kind of overwhelm me. There is just a ridiculous amount of things to do and places to go here. Just choosing a restaurant, for instance, can be incredibly daunting. The options are endless and the descriptions generic so when I received the Zinester's Guide to NYC, I was pretty interested to see how it compared. Well, let me just say, I think that this guide has everything a BUSTy reader could possibly want and more! From tons of usually unlisted vegetarian/vegan options to random advice like "grabbing subway maps to use as wrapping paper," It's definitely a favorite now. I've been carting it around, reading it whenever I get the chance. I put a star next to places I've been and liked or highlight places that sound super cool. The descriptions are usually written by one to a few people (including BUST editor Emily Rems!) who actutally live here. Each suggestion feels like a personal friend telling you about something awesome, with pros and cons that are usually spot on. It's made me feel downright silly for not knowing about such things as the Brooklyn Kitchen Cupcake Cook-Off in May or the NYC Dumpling Festival in October! 


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