So I'm the worst at riding a bike. I know..seems so simple, but I wobble and shake and I'm ashamed to admit I cried when trying to get over various hills in flats that kept slipping off. I don't like fast rides, the out-of-controlness freaks me out, so the idea of fastness on a bike, maybe crashing or falling always scared me. Believe me, I know what a wuss I am, but this video gives me inspiration! My ex-boyfriend, an avid and frequent biker, recently sent this to me. When we were dating, he really tried to get me to bike and even offered me chocolate during that one crying incident. He had to have been disappointed that I was plain terrible at it, but he hid it quite well. Hm..could be that I just need more practice though? This might be just the push I need to try again! Check out the awesomeness that is this adorable kid after riding his bike.

Thumbs up everybody for Rock and Roll!


[video: 425x344]

Why is it that in their adorable innocence, kids always seem to be the most inspiring? Remember "Jessica's Daily Affirmations" or the "5 Year Old that wants a job before she gets married"? Kids know what's up.

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