Any cat owner knows that our dear felines love to bring their owners delightful surprises, like dead rodents and birds, or even the occasional slimy sock. But San Mateo, California has a well-known thief that earns the apt title of a ‘cat burglar.’ Dusty, a beautiful, stealth Siamese owned by the Chu family has stolen over 600 things from neighbors over the years, by sneaking out each night and bringing as many as eleven items home before dawn.

Adorable neighbor, 5-year-old Ethan McLellan says, “She always steals stuff…she took my mom’s swimming clothes.” Apparently when neighbors hang their swimsuits outside to dry Dusty makes for an easy grab, so summer may be prime-time for the 'kitty klepto.' He has been known to take matching pairs of shoes and two-piece swimsuits, which require multiple trips—further proving that cats are brilliant.


I found this story from Huffington Post today, but a quick internet snoop revealed that this story was popular in February. I totally missed it though, and if you did too, please enjoy this video:

[video: 425x344]

[Image via KIXS FM 108]

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