1)The Hermes Apple Carrier:

Maybe this is just the Hermes way of helping out the "Obesity Problem" we've been facing, or maybe its just a ridiculous way for amazingly rich people to spend their money… Regardless this Hermes new apple carrier is SILLY.

This bright granny smith-green, apple-holder is made out of lambskin, and lined with a stainless palladium shell. The strap has a horn handle knife, to slice up your apples and maybe fend off apple thieves. I want it.



2) This Motorcycle:

I don't know how to drive a car, let alone a motorcycle, but if i had this sparkly beautiful creation I would tear shit up! For real, I would create my own bedazzled pink-pleather motorcycle chaps to compliment this baby. I think I would finally get all that respect I've been wanting.


3) Anything From Sky Mall:

Whether it be huge inflatable cabanas, sumo wrestler side tables, or floating i-pod speakers (for that pool I don't have), there is nothing from Sky Mall that I don't want. Everything looks so useful. Of course I need that three hundred dollar Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar, how else am I going to relax after a long day carrying around my Hermes Apple Carrier, and riding my bejeweled motorcycle?



4) Grillz

I don't think there's any logic behind this one. I just think it'd be super baller to have some diamonds on my teeth. Possibly some platinum. Nothing too flashy, just enough shine to compliment my tips and Air Jordan's (that I would have to buy in order to really pull this look off.)


5) Booze Infused Whipped Cream:

This is just ridiculous. I know, I'm a lush, but apparently I'm also a glutton. This whipped boozy goodness just is too appealing. Word on the street is that its absolutely disgusting. But this will not DETER me. How am I to resist something called "Whipahol"????


Anybody else got things to add to the SUMMER WISHLIST? Lemme know!


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