When I was growing up, I would make my best friends play Polly Pocket with me. I remember it like it was yesterday: a few poor boys and I crowded around Polly Pocket's Magical Mansion, making Polly flip hamburgers on her tiny grill, or perhaps sashay her around a mini lavender ballroom adorned with clear plastic swans and mauve curtains.

What would always start off serenely, usually ended up with Polly horribly injured by Matchbox cars exploding into her miniscule abode and Billy (the blue Ranger of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) and his pal Batman raining down bullets and shooting down the lovely manicured bushes that once elegantly graced the entrance to Polly's Magical Mansion.


Myself, being obsessed with fairies, my older sister, and historical fiction novels, I was never able to actually perfect the art of making any kind of mechanical destruction noises (be it explosions, or shooting sounds). Needless to say, this seriously hindered my abilities to join in on the Polly Pocket Apocalypse of 1995.

Apparently, I am not alone in this disadvantage. The website girlsmakinggunsounds.com posts videos of girls making gun sounds, and it's probably one of the most adorable sites I've ever seen. Some girls fail miserably, while others are very impressive and are even able to re-enact WW2 weapon specific sounds (much to my chagrin).



You can view uploaded videos and submit videos showing off your AK-47 imitating skills, or lack of thereof here: