Meet Kayla: an Internet hacker from Anonymous. Is her name really Kayla? Is she even a teen girl?  I don’t know and probably never will. Either way, I think it's pretty bad ass seeing what she has done in defense of Wikileaks, an organization that publishes private, top-secret, classified media from unknown sources.

 Anonymous has brought down the websites of MasterCard and Paypal, fighting against censorship and “copywrong.”  Although Kayla cannot verify her age or gender, it’s been revealed that she, if that even is the correct pronoun, is definitely young because her e-mails are overloaded with smiley faces and LOLs, or maybe that is  part of the scam too. She has to follow a very strict regimen to remain fully invisible on the Internet, booting her computer from a microSD card, with no physical hard drive.  Her entire operating system is on a USB stick and she uses a virtual machine to carry out her online business.


 She grew up reading her father’s software engineering books and Intel manuals to learn all about Internet coding and networking.  At first she was snubbed because of her age in hacking forums and would take revenge by hacking into the forums themselves to impress other hackers. Seems like this girl could school everyone with her savvy computer skills using Internet magic "just for fun." Hackers, like Kayla, remain on the top of the FBI’s ongoing investigation—although their workings are now political, it seems that their unpredictable nature is simply to humor themselves. Who knows... maybe Kayla is sitting right next you? I wouldn't want to get in her way. 

 Is This the Girl that Hacked HBGary? 

Top photos, Noomi Rapache as Lisbeth Sander in the Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo

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