Jake Quagliaroli, a 34 year old man from Indiana, was visiting PT's Showclub when the fun-filled night took a high-speed turn. According to his attorney, Syed Ali Saeed, Quagliaroli was hit in the face by a heavy bottomed shoe when an exotic dancer's "high kick maneuver" went very wrong.

The impact resulted in four chipped teeth. As Saeed stated, "It was not a situation where it was a light tap on the face. It hit him with quite a bit of force. You can imagine the velocity at which the shoe must have come out when it hit him in the face."

Yes, Saeed, we can imagine what kind of highstakes fan kick led to a shoe whipping off at tooth-altering speeds.


Saeed further commented that a strip club has a duty to protect their customers. "[They] need to make sure people are wearing the right kind of clothes and [that those clothes] are not flying off" Saeed stated to AOLnews.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time a strip club has been sued for chunky heel related injuries. I don't think a stripper has ever been awarded for long-term damages to her back, though. Ladies, a lesson: big heels make for excellent weapons.