Make all your Lisa Frank fantasies come true with this Robot Unicorn Attack game from Adult Swim. It combines all your favorite freaky geekdom into one bright and mythical experience filled with rainbows, fairies, fierce galloping iron robot unicorns, and majestic flying sequences. You are the unicorn running and jumping from grass cliff to grass cliff, shooting through the air and collecting little rainbow pixies along the way, but beware for that big silver star.

robot-unicorn-attackYou don't want to collect that. It's hard and metal and will kill you when you hit it by decapitating your unicorn. Then the game will display your lost head to you, and it will look like Data's head from Star Trek in that freaky episode where they cut it off and it's all wires and electronics inside. It can be really upsetting, so be warned. I haven't made it very far yet in the game, so you guys should try it out and let me know what I'm in for. You can play it here, and it's even got an app for the iPhone, for us nerds on the go. Happy procrastinating!






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