It doesn't just have to be "good night" anymore…."good anytime" is more like it.  With Forrest Jessee's Sleep Suit you can fall asleep literally anywhere!  Forrest Jessee is an architect, artist, scientist and graphic designer....and apparently needed a different kind of sleep pattern to accommodate his busy schedule.  Jessee decided to practice Buckminster Fuller's method of Dymaxion Sleeping, which basically means that you only take four 30-minute naps over a period of 24 hours.  Turns out it's kinda hard to nap anywhere and can get pretty uncomfortable. So he developed a "transportable and adjustable cocoon that allows for constant air flow in a variety of different positions and environments." The suit is meant to be like a giant sleeping bag and is made of EVA foam structured in pleats to adapt to one's weight and to provide comfort.  No worries about bedbugs at least!  



Supposedly you can get in and out of it in less than a minute (I searched for videos of this task and found nothing).  I know you're thinking the same thing that I am…."this is insane."  And by insane you mean AWESOME.  

Good Anytime.


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