Feeling stressed out? Why not grow some Jasmine in your home to help soothe your nerves? This fragrant, easy to grow and easy on the eyes plant has recently been the subject of some extensive research. A study conducted in Germany claims that the scent of the Jasmine plant  promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. The study was performed on mice, and showed that exposure to the scent of jasmine caused mice to “cease all activity” and “sit quietly in a corner” as if soothed.  Now, I realize the study was done on mice, not humans, so obviously we might expect different results. The study claimed that out of hundreds of fragrances tested, and "only Jasmine actually affected the brain’s GABA receptors on the limbic system." The study predicts that the fragrance of Jasmine may one day be harnessed and used as a homeopathic alternative to relieve stress and anxiety… without all the chemical side effects.

If so, this would be a huge win for aromatherapy enthusiasts. And a good reason for you to grow a little peace in your living space. After all, it can't hurt, and it smells delish.


So, if you do indeed wish to grow some Jasmine in your home, out of desire to relax or just as way to freshen up your space, here are some tips for you:

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Jasmine climbs. Make yourself a trellis out of old wire clothes hangers which you can bend to manipulate how the plant climbs around your space.

Its much easier to buy Jasmine that's already sprouted. You can buy some nice Jasmine from www.accentsforhomeandgarden.com Remove the plant from its container into a wider and deeper pot. Plant in potting soil mixed with some Miracle Gro, and place in a sunny window.

Jasmine typically loves humidity; and just water in general. Be sure to keep the soil moist. One person actually recommends taking your Jasmine plant into the shower with you to increase the humidity it receives.


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