image from cuteoverload.comBecause it’s Friday, and because I’m sure that we all need a bit of ‘baaawwwwww’ in our lives to help push us through to the weekend, here’s some adorable top-notch blogs for your procrastination enablement and viewing pleasure. (Always.)

Now if you’re anything like me, you can probably look at hundreds upon hundreds of cute pictures and videos in a day and not feel overwhelmed or woozy from all the cute in the air. If that’s not the case, don’t worry! This you can stop clicking the links at anytime.

First course is Cute Overload. The blog which features a wide variety of animal pictures and videos, is mostly user submitted, and is narrated with some redonkulous vocabulary.


Next, some kitties! My favorite flavors are Maru, a Japanese sweetie who loves boxes, and Winston, a smooshed faced, banana scarfing kitty boy, both of whom have many photos and videos to swoon over. 

On the canine side of the scale, I’m not the biggest fan (I’m a bit biased, they make me itchy) but I do love pugs, and consequently blogs about pugs and their big bulging eyes. In this case Pug-A-Day gives me my fix. 


Cute animals not your bag? Try EpiCute, a food blog so full of super sweet sweets and savories, that you just might need a nap after looking at all that deliciousness. I mean, just look at this cupcake! If you're just looking for random cute news, shopping,etc., Girly Bubble is an awesome place. 

Now go forth and procrastinate! I swear I'll have something more educational next time. (Maybe.)

(P.S. Nightmare level:

Super Cute Kitten - The best video clips are here )

Happy Friday!

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