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Knickers, panties, britches, drawers, underwear, intimates, lingerie, undies, unmentionables. If there’s one thing I like, it’s new underwear. Nothing beats the feeling of sliding on a brand spanking new pair.

However, in some parts of the world the small things that we take for granted, such as underwear, are considered luxuries. Some women are not able to afford intimates, or they may be only able to afford second-hand/used undergarments. Just thinking about wearing someone else’s undies gives me the willies.


So what's being done to help? 

Enter Knickers 4 Africa, a charity that’s sole purpose is to donate new underclothes to those in need in Africa.

You can help too!


All you have to do is tweet the following: 

has just thrown Pants at you! (and donated some to Africa) #MomijiPantsParty

Momiji, a small company based in the UK, is promoting Knickers 4 Africa by donating a pair of super cute panties for every two people who tweet the message.

You can also directly donate to Knickers 4 Africa through their website.

So come join the Pants Party


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