"I have the Pussy, so I make the Rules" t-shirt lands a Chicago woman and her dethroned vag in jail.

From NBCChicago.com
...A woman was held in contempt after a judge found the slogan on her shirt inappropriate for court...Jennifer LaPenta’s shirt read: “I have the p***y, so I make the rules.”Associate Judge Helen Rozenburg begged to differ with the 19-year-old, and sentenced her to 48-hour jail time.

At first I thought, "o,..the man judge doesn't like the lady having a Pussy Power t-shirt on in his court." Then, I re-read it and saw it was actually another woman, a lady judge, who put this woman behind bars and I remembered, "o right,... ladies can be judges power trip too!"
One public display of power wielding per courtroom, please.

Other shirts demonstrating authority via sexuality, potentially landing you a jail cell visit in Judge Helen Rozenburg's courtroom include:

Men are from Mars, Women are from I'm fucking right

I'll be the judge of that, sexy. *sexy female judge, bright red puckered lips, blond hair in bun, glasses, holding gavel showing a lot of leg under robe, wearing black pumps*

Parking for: G-Spot Fans Only, all others will be towed

My Tities-My Tyranny 

License to Orgasm

Your Laws. My Body? gotta have the benjamin's
*dollar bill mosaic*

$My Dollars, My Dick gets sucked$

Tony Danza is my Bitch

You have the right to remain silent, if you're serving time in my box

Tampa Spring Break '88 : Official Female Body Inspector

#1 Grandma 

Justice is served in my vagina

Thy Kingdom Cum
*picture of Jesus touching himself, next to an eagle and a howling wolf, next to a full moon in the stars, near a snowcapped mountain and a waterfall, green/pink/yellow lasers shooting off with lens flare effect as they collide with what appears to be planets*

Guilty as Pleasure Charged

Pussy Control:
Prince World Tour Concert T-Shirt circa 1995

>And can someone contact the original t-shirt manufacturer- it really should read, "I OWN the Pussy, So I make the Rules."...So much more powerful.

Photo & Lead Courtesy: Susie Felber via Dumb as a Blog