So many people are posting awesome costume ideas on our 'Halloween Hot or Not' blog !!! If you're still stuck in a costume rut, here are some highlights to get your creative juices flowin':


Murphy Brown: our commenter, niki, said it best. 'all you need, of course, are shoulder pads'.

Amelia Earhart: if the bomber jacket and goggles aren't enough, naomi suggests crafting yourself a tiny plane (anybody got a cardboard box and some suspenders lying arophp1eFEMYPM.jpgund?).

Max from Where the Wild Things Are: no doubt this is gonna be a popular look this year, Bette. You


might run into yourself at parties, but, hey, while Regina George is freezing in her slutty bunny costume, you'll stay warm and comfy 'till way after trick-or-treating ends.

Sexy Jesus: points for imagination, Rae of Sunshine. I gotta say, my curiosity has been peaked . . .

Keep on commenting--we're really on a roll . And, take heed, there are only 3 (COUNT'EM) days left until showtime!!! So send along your best costume ideas, maybe some how-tos, and take some inspiration from MAC, who transformed this model into a real-life Lichtenstein print! AMAZING.

Anna C

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