Flow CoverOh, great -- another women's magazine that's afraid of periods! In this month's issue, Redbook reviewed Flow by Elissa Stein and Susan Kim, a book about the cultural history of menstruation. It sounds like a pretty interesting read -- and certainly shows great appreciation for the process so often referred to as 'the curse' by woman-hating tampon advertisers.

But now Redbook, a magazine supposedly for women, seems to have joined the He-Man Woman Haters Club, too. Their review of Flow calls the book 'One to Snub' and encourages the mag's readers to spend their cash on a period's worth of Ben and Jerry's. Ha ha ha, Redbook, I see what you did there. You made a joke about sad women on their periods needing ice cream to get through such a difficult time! You're so very clever. Somebody ought to give you a Peabody for that kind of hard-hitting journalism.

BUST's (positive) review of the book will be in the December/January issue. Check it out at the end of next month! And in the mean time, stay away from those other lady-hating lady mags.



UPDATE: The folks over at Adventures in Menstruating have whipped up a mock magazine cover making fun of the haters over at Redbook. Well played, ladies!

photos courtesy Macmillan and Adventures in Menstruating

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