phpJel5XuPM.jpgWhen Polaroid canned its famous instant film last year, there wasn't a hipster, nor modeling agency, nor mall Santa photographer that didn't bemoan the loss. Sure it's expensive. Sure digital is faster/cleaner/crisper. But even in this age of boundless technology, there's nothing quite as fascinating as whatever magic makes a face peek out from behind Polaroid's square of brown mystery goo.

And now, over a year after our fave film was said to be gone for good, Polaroid has caved. In 2010, the iconic photo company will release versions of the most popular vintage Polaroid cameras. Meanwhile, Polaroid has commissioned The Impossible Project (a group working to reinvent versions of the classic photo film) to create a limited edition instant film to be distributed by mid-year.

The Impossible Project will also be marketing its own brand of instant film--loyal to thphpEMruXBPM.jpge original recipe, but with a few millennial advancements--towards the beginning of the year. Hear more about the very cool science minds behind the Impossible Project on their website (they have tshirts!) and get inspired for your next Polaroid project on Polanoid , a vast collection of serious instant art. Be on the lookout for the second coming, and get ready to shake it like a Polaroid picture all over again!


Anna C

photos courtesy of Polanoid (above) and The Andy Warhol Museum on Facebook (right)

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