I don't really remember too much about Sweet Valley High, just that my babysitter was hooked! She'd come over on the weekend, watch a little Saved by the Bell, and then have her stack of mags and Sweet Valley Highs all ready to go. If I would have been a hair older, I most likely would have been all over this 152+ book series.

Well, I might just have to get into the series since...DIABLO CODY is going to write and produce an adaptation of it! I'm sure Cody-speak (or whatever you wish to call it) will make its way into the adaptation, which is fine with me since the cutesy, bubble-gum world of twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield will need a little spice.

In a time where adaptations and the reformatting of beloved semi-classics are running rampant (St. Elmo's Fire is going to become a tv show, 90210 and Melrose Place are in full force, Harry Potter and Twilight are huge, etc), I just hope this one won't be lost in the shuffle.

Do us proud, Diablo!



Photo courtesy of NYMag. Thanks Jezebel for the low-down.

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