phpSjLmLrAM.jpgMarvel just made one bizarre, unexpected decision in merging with the Walt Disney Company. But the comic book super troop recently made another bizarre, unexpected decision--except this one is actually kind of cool.

In July, Marvel released Divas, a comic featuring some of the hottest females in the Marvel universe: Hellcat, Firestar, Photon, and Black Cat, to be precise. Comics with this many X chromosomes usually become illustrated skin shows, chock full of gratuitous butt/boob shots and pseudo-bondage scenes (tentacles, snaky vines, spider webbing . . . use your imagination). But, according to NPR, Divas reads less like a porno and more like a youthful, superpowered version of Golden Girls (not kidding: Glen Weldon calls Divas 'Carrie Bradshaw meets Dorothy Zbornak') . The plotlines focus less on scantily-clad battle scenes and more on life as an off-duty lady-hero. There are clingy boyfriends, embarrassing/awkward courtships, and, I kid you not, a mammogram (one storyline is Firestar's battle with breast cancer--radioactive powers aren't all fun and games).

The atypical tone of Divas risks being a hard-sell to the usual comic book audience. Marvel's website is marketing the book as the 'sassiest, sexiest' series, attempting whatever male-readership they can retain (they're also urging guys to 'Let your inner divas out with this one, fellas, you won't regret it!'). The boys should read it: the daring to make something so unconventional is reason alone to pick one up. And, more importantly, Divas is a big step in easing comic arts away from female objectification and towards a more substantial depiction of what makes women so super after all.


Read all about it (in comparison to a typical DC female series) here!

Get one for yourself here!

~Anna C

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