Caster makeoverMy theory proves true! Women athletes must adhere to standard lady laws in order to be accepted by the media and the man-fueled world of sports.

With the encouragement of her new managers, Caster Semenya has been made over to look more feminine. YOU, a South African magazine, says they wanted to show a 'softer side' of the track star. They even went, as far as to call her new look 'an improvement'! WTF? What did they improve? Was Caster not perfect the way she was? Did she really need a generic makeover of sequined tops and stilettos to parade her as a proud woman? What happened to the shy country girl who preferred pants to skirts?


Something is very wrong with this picture and I wonder what message this sends out to girls who admired Caster for her hardcore hear-me-roar image. What do you think?


photo from BBC news coverage

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