Imelda MayGet ready to grease your hair with pomade and strap on your suede shoes; Imelda May is bringing rockabilly blues back to the airwaves. A stripped down blend of heavy bass and guitar riffs 'Love Tattoo', her debut album, will satisfy any retro-palate. I dare you not to tap your feet and shake like Ann-Margret when you hear the opening track 'Johnny Got a Boom Boom' or twist your hips to the vibrant rhythms of 'Smokers Song'. You can probably skip slow and steady tracks like 'Falling in Love With You Again' unless you and your mate are celebrating your sixty-year anniversary. But Imelda offers a complete power punch of traditional 50's rock and adds her own flavor of honey dripping sorrow to vocals on tracks like bluesy ballad 'Knock 123'. So, Carl Perkins lovers rejoice because this Dublin-born beauty ain't goin home until you feel every bit of boogie-woogie down your spine.

Catch her Tuesday, September 15th at Piano's 158 Ludlow Street, NYC

Or see her with legend Chuck Barry September 12 at BB Kings Blues Club, 237 W. 42nd Street