phpon1DS9PM.jpgAfter 67 years, the original fictional love triangle has finally been resolved (or has it?). Archie, the goony, redheaded protagonist of the beloved Archie comic series , proposed to Veronica, the swanky, black-haired bad girl he's been chasing after for . . . well, nearly a century.

Though Veronica certainly has her fans, the assumption was that Archie would ultimately choose Betty, the perky, girl-next-door blond. The scenario works kind of like Dawson's Creek with gender reversal, where the aggravatingly indecisive Joey Potter ultimately chose rough n' tumble Pacey over seemingly-obvious nice guy Dawson. It's an upset, but not totally unpredictable.

But, fear not, Team Betty, Archie's author assures NPR that there are 5 more issues before the end of the story. Will Archie regret his choice? Will it be wedded bliss? And, more importantly, how does Veronica manage to look so good at 67?


~Anna C

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Read all about it on NPR.

Learn about Archie here!

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