squeakyLynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, one of Charles Manson's most loyal followers, is to be released on parole on Aug. 16th after serving 34 years in prison for the attempted assassination of President Ford.

Perhaps it was her baby face, or her quirky nickname, but for some reason I always had a soft spot for Squeaky.  She was not implicated in the Tate/LaBianca murders, but she did live at Spahn Ranch, carved a swastika on her forehead, and was involved tangenitally in other murders, oh and the part about shooting Ford was bad too. She once escaped from prison to try and see Manson.  So what was it that made a nice, middle class kid turn so bad? Most say it was Manson's charisma, mental illness, or maybe it was just plain old LSD. I don't know, but I'm sure someone will make a Hollywood movie about her some day. (My vote would be John Waters) Hopefully she's Ok now, but I wouldn't be surprised if she resurfaces again, you never know with Squeaky.


via cnn

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