HBO Thinks Feminists are Sexy

diane_keaton_gallery_2.jpgA new HBO comedy show is in the works about a middle-age feminist attempting to breathe some life and spice into the movement by starting a porn mag aimed at women. The show, which is not yet titled, will star Diane Keaton and be written by Marti Noxon, who has also brought us Mad Men and Grey's Anatomy.

The show seems rife with potential to be both hilarious and politically important. The timing is crucial since the debate about what it really means to be a feminist is raging while Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin are in the limelight. I can't think of any other show that directly tackles the idea of feminism, and it will be beneficial to have as a jumping off point to get discussions brewing again. Although I predict the most heated debates will be feminist-on-feminist as the age old argument between pro-sex feminism and more traditional feminism will be reignited.


I'll be very interested to see how this plays out. A women-centric comedy about feminism has so many thin lines for it to potentially cross over into disaster. Will it be enlightening or offensive? Funny or preachy? Since Noxon's credits include Mad Men, the writing is likely to smart and sensitive to the issues at hand. Maybe they should call on BUST lady, Callie Watts, with her own girly porn mag (Ligerbeat) to consult, just in case. -Celeste

Photo courtesy of Diane Keaton Gallery

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