phptIzjduPM.jpgThe BUST office is feeling pretty bike-friendly this week (remember this post? ). On top of being cheap, green, and, well, fun, pedaling totally makes the best of that sunshiney, late-July weather.

However, dear reader: out of all the adorable bikers I've seen whizzing up and down the block, almost none are wearing a helmet. Now, I'm nobody's mother, and I know everyone's been hearing this since grade school, but accidents do definitely happen. Serious stuff, too. So what's the deal?

Okay, let's be real; I totally get it. Despite the risk of cracking your cranium, there is something super alluring about riding through the fragrant summer day, hair licking gracefully at the breeze as you go. Like you're one macaron and a cobblestone street away from the perfect Audrey Hepburn/Parisian fantasy life (or maybe that's just me). Plus, arriving at your destination with sweaty helmet hair? Common complaint, and, yes, as a normal-to-oily girl myself, I totally sympathize.

But you can't disregard safety. After all, sweatiness and hair-flickage are minimal concerns when you're in a hospital bed (sorry to go all grandma, but it's true, okay!). Still--common complaint number two--helmets are a pretty miserable item to shop for. I will always support a helmet over none, no matter how unappealing, but I'd be lying if I said that most helmets are totally devoid of style! Where's the cuteness? Where's the personality?

I figure if anyone can help answer those questions, it's the BUST reader; here you can see our best attempt at a cool helmet on the spot (bathing cap+Susan's helmet=ADORABLE). Any good solutions out there in internet-land?

~Anna C
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