Omg, you guys, have you heard about how much straight dudes love it when girls in knee socks kiss each other? And get all pushy and slick in a pool together with blood all over their prom dresses? And look deeply into the camera while moaning 'you want it?' and unzipping their sweatshirts oh-so-slowly? Well, someone in charge of marketing Diablo Cody's new cheerleader-turns-into-mass-cannibalistic-man-killer flick sure has. Trailer NSFW.


Here at BUST we have a crush of epic proportions on Diablo Cody. Shit, girl is on our cover next month! And part of me is as disposed as this trailer's target audience to find blood-dripping, skinny-dipping, wise-cracking, lip-glossed, man-eating cheerleaders sexy, in the hopelessly cheesy 'aw-shucks, we're all just red-blooded bros thinkin' with our dicks' tradition. I think that in it's entirety, and based on my intensive, salivating fact-checking of Cody's interview, this movie will actually deliver honest, darkly ironic views on female rage, jealousy, and confusion.


But what this trailer says to me is that even a film with two female protagonists, with a female director and a female screenwriter, is still marketed to the already pathetically pandered-to 18-34 year-old dude contingent. I know that a corny, horny, 'restricted red-band' trailer can get people's titillated little brains into theaters (people being dudes, apparently). Yet every time I see this kind of trailer, for a movie I actually want to see, I think: why not me? why does not one single marketing mastermind successfully target me and girls like me--down to see a violently smart and funny movie about well, man-eaters, but not necessarily down to make out with each other for the boys? I'm sick of this. Are guys? Are you? -Devan

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