Haven't you always wanted to unleash creative fury on plain white walls!?! Maybe you live in a dorm room that looks like the sterile unit of a hospital or in a bland apartment that has about as much pigment and flavor as cauliflower? If you have a play room and are drawing a creative blank on how to decorate Toyland, check out this interactive wallpaper by Taylor and Wood as a semi-DIY option.

                              wallpaper edit.jpg


Imagine you're reading in bed one evening and suddenly have one of those rare bolts of creative genius. How cool would it be to reach for a crayon and let your imagination roam the walls rather than penning notes in a tiny journal? These frames are extra cool because they give a little bit of structure to your doodles if you're intimidated by a completely blank canvas.


For those who are less artistically inclined, here are some ideas of what to put in your frames: pics of Hogwarts headmasters (maybe they'll wave hi!), lines written from your favorite poems, photos printed off Facebook or old postcards and vintage photographs from thrift stores. Instantly you'll have an original work of wall art and conversation piece that costs less than a set of nice frames.

Have fun coloring inside the lines! ~Hannah

Photo courtesy of grahambrown.com

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