A recent study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health found that young Australians, and likely women around the world, are grossly misinformed about the when/what/how of the morning after pill. As a crucial option for emergency contraception, these are facts every female should have down pat.

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Test your own pill expertise now!!

Q: When is the morning after pill intended for use?

A: If you said, 'the morning after' think again. You're in the same boat as 75% of the students from the University of South Australia who thought they had to wait 12 hours before using the morning after pill. Blame whoever coined the term 'morning after' for the misnomer. We prefer to call it the 'Immediately after' pill or the '3 days later pill.' Some docs even recommend its use up to five days later. Any time within this time frame is acceptable, but the sooner the better!

Q: Where oh where can you find the morning after pill?


A: So many places! Over the counter (for those 18 and up) and at many hospital emergency departments, sexual health or youth clinics. Click here for a searchable database of providers near you.

Q: Can birth control be used as emergency contraceptive?

A: Yes! There are almost two dozen brands of pills may be safely used as emergency contraception in the U.S. Plan B is simply a brand name, but there are a plethora of other options! Click here for a comprehensive list of pills and dosages.

Not to preach to the Planned Parenthood choir, but I think you all appreciate that sexual knowledge is power, right?

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